अभी न पर्दा गिराओ, ठहरो,--------

अभी न पर्दा गिराओ, ठहरो, कि दास्ताँ आगे और भी है
अभी न पर्दा गिराओ, ठहरो!
अभी तो टूटी है कच्ची मिट्टी, अभी तो बस जिस्म ही गिरे हैं
अभी तो किरदार ही बुझे हैं।
अभी सुलगते हैं रूह के ग़म, अभी धड़कते हैं दर्द दिल के
अभी तो एहसास जी रहा है
यह लौ बचा लो जो थक के किरदार की हथेली से गिर पड़ी है
यह लौ बचा लो यहीं से उठेगी जुस्तजू फिर बगूला बनकर
यहीं से उठेगा कोई किरदार फिर इसी रोशनी को लेकर
कहीं तो अंजाम-ओ-जुस्तजू के सिरे मिलेंगे
अभी न पर्दा गिराओ, ठहरो!

fight for Eunuchs

fight for Eunuchs
third gender equality

reminder letter to president of india ---

2:59 AM / Posted by huda /


Ho’nable President Of India Date 13/4.2010
Office Of President of India
Rashtrapati Bhawan ref: ssfaesfi/uid/3/10
New Delhi

SUB:- Separate Gender Identification and specific UID – For Eunuchs.


This has reference to our earlier letter ref: ssfaesfi/2/10, and subsequent fax dated 7/4/2010, wherein we had requested you regarding the above matter.
On 13/4/2010 we had a telephonic conversation with your office personnel regarding the status of the said letter and we were informed that, till date they have not received such letter at their end. As a consequence, we are sending the letter with all the necessary documents again, for your perusal and with a request to kindly consider it on priority basis.
We would like to inform that today we have again sent the fax for said subject and it is confirmed by your office that it has been received.
Thanking you and expecting a favorable response from your good self.

Yours truly,

(Dr. S.E. Huda)


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