अभी न पर्दा गिराओ, ठहरो,--------

अभी न पर्दा गिराओ, ठहरो, कि दास्ताँ आगे और भी है
अभी न पर्दा गिराओ, ठहरो!
अभी तो टूटी है कच्ची मिट्टी, अभी तो बस जिस्म ही गिरे हैं
अभी तो किरदार ही बुझे हैं।
अभी सुलगते हैं रूह के ग़म, अभी धड़कते हैं दर्द दिल के
अभी तो एहसास जी रहा है
यह लौ बचा लो जो थक के किरदार की हथेली से गिर पड़ी है
यह लौ बचा लो यहीं से उठेगी जुस्तजू फिर बगूला बनकर
यहीं से उठेगा कोई किरदार फिर इसी रोशनी को लेकर
कहीं तो अंजाम-ओ-जुस्तजू के सिरे मिलेंगे
अभी न पर्दा गिराओ, ठहरो!

fight for Eunuchs

fight for Eunuchs
third gender equality

helping hands are better than praying lips

11:36 AM / Posted by huda /

Dear Friends,

You must be aware that I am running a social organization in the name of ‘Syed Shah Farzand Ali Educational & Social Foundation of India’ comprising of large community of intellectuals, doctors, national & international social activists, academicians and sport person. The organization chooses such people who are motivational, conscientious, and intellectuals with deep sense of commitment. Our approach is long term and leveraged. The organization works on social and educational issues of the society irrespective of cast and religion. We are working for the last may years in Maharashtra, Madhya Pradesh, Gujarat, Uttar Pradesh and Delhi and near by areas mainly concentrating on the welfare of women, children and eunuchs, from the deprived group and down trodden group of the society, in respect of their education socio-economic and health status.

This time we taken and touched the important issue of the society the Eunuchs the deprived group. We are concentrating for their upliftment and rehabilitation in terms of their education, health, and socio- economic conditions.

In this context we had conducted a national seminar on April 12th 2009, which was joined by various intellectuals from every field an d for the first time hundreds of ‘Eunuchs’ attended the seminar and expressed their grievances before the intellectuals. The seminar was witnessed by both print and electronic media.

We also took a task for arranging voting facilities, for them. In this regard we had lot of correspondence with the Prime Minister of India, President of India, Election commission of India and other related ministries of India, as a outcome we achieved the target and election commission declared publicly, that eunuchs will be given separate category for voting.

In the same sequence voter’s awareness program with the eunuchs was conducted to socialize them and to feel themselves as a responsible person. We are happy to inform here that we were successful. It is just a initiative we will go on fighting till Eunuchs are accepted by the society and are considered in the main stream as any other person. Although they are deprived group of the society, but we made them a part of biggest democratic festival i.e. voter’s awareness campaign.

The task is not yet over presently we perusing Govt. for separate gender Identification in census 2011,and Our through our vigorous fight for this cause and numerous correspondence with Hon’ble President of India, Prime Minister of India, Chief Election Commissioner, Planning Commission of India, Home Minister of India, Finance Minister of India, Law Minister Of India, Ministry for Social Justice and empowerment, and related ministries, we have achieved success that now transgender will be counted in separate category UNDER CODE 3 ‘OTHERS’ in census 2011.

We are striving hard to achieve our motive of upliftment and rehabilitation of this deprived group of the society and much more have to be done in the set direction. I am forwarding link for the organization’s website,(www.ssfaesfi.org) through which you will come to know the tremendous efforts done by our organization.

This is a letter of invitation in anticipation that you will join our organization and contribute your mite in any respect. Your even little contribution will boost our moral and generate zeal to work hard for the social cause. I will be glad to have helping hands from my bosom friend.for the full detail about organization please visit-www.ssfaesfi.org.

With warms regards



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अच्छी पंक्तिया है ....


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